AutoMod 10.0

AutoMod 10.0
December 13, 2021 AutoMod, Free, Programs, Software


What’s New:

  • UI improvements.
  • Tweaks.
  • Bug fixes.
The Developer
Christos Kapetanios My name is Christos Kapetanios, I am 23 years old and I live in Greece. I started using computers at the very young age of 3, but it actually all started when I got my own first desktop computer back in 2005, when I was 5. I liked it and I soon became keen on it, started acquiring knowledge and experience on basic things, and later on more and more advanced things on software and hardware. After achieving a significantly high level of expertise on every software and hardware section, I got into programming in 2011. Since some years, I am doing it professionally as a Software & Web Developer and Web Designer.